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I'm a designer, coder and writer based in Amsterdam and Berlin.

I’m available for commissioned websites and publications.

I'm also looking for collaborators working towards an inclusive and critical queer-feminist future and offer reduced rates for feminist or LGBTQ* related projects depending on capacity.

For more information please contact me at HI@TONIBRELL.DE.

publication print

Love Spells & Rituals for Another World

Publication, 2021

Edition of 200

Offset and Digital Print

Love Spells & Rituals for Another World is the documentation of a symposium that took place online in May 2020. Featuring an international and interdisciplinary body of artists and researchers, the volume, like the symposium before it, explores desire—and with it sexuality, love, and care—as a kind of evental magick that (in the words of Lauren Berlant) reorganises worlds.

With contributions by:
Denise Ackerl, Marcus Bell, Toni Brell, Keti Chukhrov, Genevieve Costello, AC Davidson, Mijke van der Drift, Phoebe Eccles, Aimilia Efthimiou, Antke Engel, Andrea González Garrán, Caroline Harris, Christian Klesse, Si Leong, Lilly Marks, Cynthia Montier, Lisa Moravec, Ophélie Naessens, Nat Raha, Andrea Ray, Charlotte Rohde, Lou Lou Sainsbury, S. Santos, Despoina Tzanou, Alexandra Voutsina, Nadira Clare Wallace, Romy Day Winkel

Photos by Carol Winkel