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I'm a designer, coder and writer based in Amsterdam and Berlin.

I’m available for commissioned websites and publications.

I'm also looking for collaborators working towards an inclusive and critical queer-feminist future and offer reduced rates for feminist or LGBTQ* related projects depending on capacity.

For more information please contact me at HI@TONIBRELL.DE.

text voice

F*ck Coherency

Performance, Text, 2020

... I feel trapped in language. In the sense that I cannot think myself outside of it. The language I use organizes my thoughts. And the structure of the language I use is temporal. My sentences require a subject and a predicate – a temporal sequence. I can’t help but making everything into a narrative. Putting together a story is an almost sensual act, with the aim of making this world coherent. Godsmilla shouts from the kitchen: “F*ck coherency!” Something breaks. I hear the door slam shut. ...