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I'm a designer, coder and writer based in Amsterdam and Berlin.

I’m available for commissioned websites and publications.

I'm also looking for collaborators working towards an inclusive and critical queer-feminist future and offer reduced rates for feminist or LGBTQ* related projects depending on capacity.

For more information please contact me at HI@TONIBRELL.DE.

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Inside Out School

Workshop, 2015

Commissioned by “A Feral Studio” and the Glasgow School of Art

with Sophie Dyer, Thom Swann and Rosen Eveleigh

During “Inside Out” we created ‘agonistic spaces’: spaces that were inappropriate, even against the rules, and thus bound to cause conflict. We occupied the art school, building barricades, obstacles and temporary classrooms.

We transformed the common and familiar into something odd, erratic and unknown in an effort to make visible the mechanisms and hierarchies that the institution relies on, which we so often take for granted. By changing what we knew we hoped to set free a potential not only for conflict but more importantly for discussion, friction, and possible failure.