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I'm a designer, coder and writer based in Amsterdam and Berlin.

I’m available for commissioned websites and publications.

I'm also looking for collaborators working towards an inclusive and critical queer-feminist future and offer reduced rates for feminist or LGBTQ* related projects depending on capacity.

For more information please contact me at HI@TONIBRELL.DE.

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Think Twice before You Think

Publication and Website, 2015

Commissioned by “A Feral Studio” and the Glasgow School of Art

with Sophie Dyer

The political theorist Chantal Mouffe claims institutional critique is best executed from within. Only by engaging with institutions is it possible to create dissent, and so bring to the fore alternatives to the current ­system. Based on her concept of conflict and ‘agonistic pluralism’, she promotes the idea of ‘agonistic spaces’. Conflict is not a problem to straighten out. It is the very basis for politics and decision­­­­-making. Real conflict leaves space for alternatives that acknowledge the other’s right to exist, and by that agree to disagree. True antagonism is the ability to make a choice between multiple, opposing factions, in a seemingly undecidable terrain. Therefore, conflict should not be seen as an obstacle. It should be seen as the common ground between two adversaries. This is what ultimately brings them together and makes the friend/foe relationship potentially interesting and desirable.

So maybe it’s time to stop being efficient and cause some conflict.