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I'm a designer, coder and writer based in Amsterdam and Berlin.

I’m available for commissioned websites and publications.

I'm also looking for collaborators working towards an inclusive and critical queer-feminist future and offer reduced rates for feminist or LGBTQ* related projects depending on capacity.

For more information please contact me at HI@TONIBRELL.DE.

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A demon possessed with a girl

Website, Performance, Text, 2020

... Or: the dissolving self is a feminist masterpiece, an expression of radical passivity. As we unravel this thought a slow, dark drumming adds into the tune. We realize: it is not the demon who possesses the girls, but the girls who possess the demon. For the girls have a body but they have no will, and in possessing what they cannot have they refuse to concede. The demonic spirit stimulates outrageous desires that neither the mountain nor the father nor the mother can fulfill. Their bodies standing on the line unwillingly,

not walking, undoubtedly are a demonstration of revolt. It becomes clear that the girls’ passivity is but a performance of masochistic fantasies, their stillness amplified into the throbbing buzz that echoes through the hills. It will liberate the memory decades later, consolidate body and spirit, and make this image a foreboding of the future. ...